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The Best car wash and wax services

Updated: Jan 4, 2023

Your car is one of the best friends you will have. It helps you move from home to work and other places effortlessly. However, if you do not take care of your machine, it will not serve you for long. Regular car maintenance and cleaning are inevitable if you want to see your vehicle on the road and in good condition. Fortunately, so many experts have come up who are well qualified to give your vehicle a thorough service. If you live in Melbourne, you can get some of the best car wash and wax on Barkly Street.

Benefits of Servicing your Car

Having your car washed, waxed, and serviced has several benefits that go beyond just ensuring that the machine is in good condition. These benefits include:

  • Retaining its value – Car servicing boosts its value significantly, especially if you are thinking of reselling it later. Buyers who are looking for second-hand cars will most likely prefer one that is well maintained. Routine servicing of your car will also give you a better bargaining position.

  • Smooth operation – Well-serviced vehicles operate smoothly without instances of ditching in the middle of the road. Having the car’s fluids checked and changed regularly will help its engine to run without any issues. While you are on, you might also want to look at the condition of the tires.

  • Waxing saves you money – You might incur a lot of expenses to have your car painted. This is why professionals recommend regular waxing, which extends the paint’s lifespan immensely. You no longer have to repaint your car regularly to prevent rust damage.

  • A clean car is appealing – Have you seen a dusty or muddy car? If you have, did you find it attractive? The answer is NO! A washed vehicle is beautiful and appealing to the eyes. Additionally, you will feel more comfortable in your clean machine.

  • Wax protects against scratches – When it comes to washing your vehicle, whether by hand or at a car wash, the dirt may grind into the paint during the scrubbing action. The wax applied to the car's body makes it slippery, allowing dirt particles to slide off instead of grinding into the paint coat.

  • Fuel efficiency – Achieving fuel efficiency with your car is not as difficult as many people think. Regular car servicing is the best way to achieve the fuel economy that you desire. First, have your tires checked and ensure their pressure is at the correct levels. If the tire pressure is wrong, it means that unnecessary energy will be released; hence the car will consume more fuel. Secondly, ensure the air filters in your car are not clogged. Blocked air filters may cause your car to burn up to 25% more fuel.

Best car wash services

How is Car Waxing done?

After reading through the car wash and waxing benefits, you should also understand how the waxing process is done. It is recommendable to get a professional car wash and wax services on Barkly if you live in Melbourne. If you have no clue about the car waxing process, then here are the simple steps that professionals follow:

  • Ensuring that they have high-quality auto wax – Carnauba-based wax and paint sealant are the two types of products that can be used in this process. Both products give your car an impeccable shine, but the paint sealant offers extra protection.

  • Washing the car – It is recommendable to apply wax on a clean and dry car. You can wash your car at home or have it washed by the experts at a car wash. The main objective of cleaning the car first is to remove any dirt and grime that may cause scratches on the paint’s coat when waxing.

  • Wax application on the pad – The wax applied on the pad should not be too much since the pad will become soaked with the product as the waxing goes on. The professionals from the best car wash and wax on Barkly Street, then choose a point on the car’s body where the process will commence.

  • Applying wax on the car’s body – The experts apply wax on the car's surface using small, rotary motion. It takes a few minutes for the wax to start drying, making it feel matte and chalky.

  • Wiping the wax – This is done using a soft cloth for the best results. Wiping the wax off the car's surface is also done in a circular motion. The surface then appears shiny and glossy.

Car washing and waxing are two simple but essential ways to make your car look clean and shiny. If you want to get the best car wash and wax on Barkly Street, contact Sam the Man Mobile Car Wash or visit the showroom on 384 Barkly Street.

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