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Best way to remove deep scratch from car

Updated: Jan 4, 2023

Deep scratches on your car's exterior can really wreak havoc on your life. They can destroy the beauty that you've been trying to maintain and change your phenomenal vehicle to an average-looking car. The good news is that there are easy ways to remove scratches from a car. You can minimize or diminish scratches whether they're from fender benders, windstorm incidents, or jealous exes. These are some tips for getting your car back to its pristine condition:

Clean Your Car

You will have to clean the vehicle's exterior if you really want to know how to remove deep scratches from your car. Cleanliness should be a priority because you will get the best results only if you perform the work on a fully cleaned surface. You'll need to focus mainly on the area surrounding the scratch. Use a gentle automotive soap to remove the dirt from around the area and prevent debris from getting into the scratch area and underneath the surface. Be careful not to be too aggressive when you wash the exterior because you don't want to enlarge the scratch. You're only trying to ensure that the area is clean and dry before you start trying to repair it.

remove deep scratch from car

Buy a Scratch Repair Kit

Buying a scratch repair kit is one of the more effective cars scratch removal ideas. It may work well for you if you're the type of person who likes to try DIY projects. Car scratch removal kits contain essential items that will help you eliminate scratches. The kits come with items such as sanding pads, clear coat pens, restoration pads, and a scratch removal solution. You could try to use such a kit to remove the scratches on your car. The success you have will depend on the level of damage the scratch caused. The kits are most likely more effective on superficial scratches and lighter scratches than on more serious damage. Furthermore, your level of success will depend on how much experience you have removing scratches. You may not be as successful as a person who has years of experience working with automotive exteriors, but you can try it.

Buff It Out

You can buy a compound if you'd rather not invest in an entire scratch removal kit. A compound is a special product that you put on the scratch area and rub in to remove the scratch. It's wise to wash and dry your car before you use these compounds. Once you're finished washing and drying your car, you're going to need to apply the compound to a microfiber cloth or towel. You'll then use the cloth or towel to make back and forth strokes on the area for about 30 seconds. You will then wipe the area dry and see how well the product worked on the blemish. This process is most likely more effective on minor scratches and imperfections than serious ones.

Apply Touch-Up Paint

If the scratch is minor, you might be able to get away with using a touch-up paint on it. It's important to find the exact shade of the paint the manufacturer used when it crafted your vehicle. The title to your vehicle may or may not have the factory color on it. You may have to perform an extensive amount of research to determine what color the manufacturer used on the car. Take your time and go through this process before you try to fix your scratch. The entire job will come out shoddy if you are unable to match the paint.

Contact a Mobile Detailer

You might have the best level of success if you contact a mobile detailer to visit your home and work on your car for you. These professionals know how to remove deep scratches from a car. They're skilled in matching exterior paint. They can also give you a guarantee on the work they do. Furthermore, reliable ones work with insurance companies to ensure that there's something left for you after the insurance company issues the check for your claim. These professionals will conveniently travel to your home or workplace and do the work while you're there. You won't need to lose your car for several days or weeks, and you won't have to work yourself ragged trying to fix your own scratches. Consider contacting a provider and requesting a quote for scratch removal.

Remove the Scratches on Your Car Today

Now you know what you need to do to get rid of the scratches on your vehicle. Start using some of the solutions mentioned above right away. You should be able to restore your vehicle in no time.

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