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Car Detailing Melbourne

We hope it hasn't taken you too long to find us. Welcome! It's our pleasure and privilege to have you here.

Whether it is car detailing or mobile car detailing in Melbourne you need, then look no further. Sam The Man Car Care, is indeed your man!

Wherever you are, whoever you are, whatever the car detailing required, we provide both mobile and in-house car detailing in Melbourne - to your satisfaction and pleasure.

So, for all your:

  • old-fashioned handwash (e.g. 2 bucket method, tyres dressed, high-pressure rinse)

  • pre-sale luxury detail (e.g. dust blowout, thorough vacuuming, odour removal)

  • full detail(e.g. clay bar decontamination, door jambs wiped down, seats conditioned)

  • exterior detail (e.g. windows cleaned, bug & tar removal, tyre dressing applied)

  • interior detail (e.g. UV protectant, trim rejuvenation, stain removal, air freshener)

  • scratch removal (e.g. repairs guaranteed, latest technology, certified technician)

  • dent repair (e.g. latest techniques, colour matching, high-quality materials)

  • cut and polish (e.g. hand washing, waxing, electric polishing, competitive prices)


Our professional car detailing in Melbourne team is only a drive or call away. We offer expert specialised car detailing services while you either sit in the comfort of your home or on a comfy sofa in our friendly and well-equipped showroom that's located in the inner western suburbs of Melbourne, Victoria.

Wherever you decide to have your car detailed in Melbourne, be it in-house at our western suburbs Melbourne showroom or mobile, in the convenience and comfort of your home, you can be assured the quality of service will be consistently high, regardless.

Extremely passionate and knowledgeable about both mobile car detailing and in-house car detailing in Melbourne generally, no matter where we undertake the detailing of your car, the main objective of our professionally-trained and experienced team remains to give you, our valued client, unparalleled service.

We could go on, but since the taste of the pudding is in the eating, all that is left is for you to now give us a call today and book your car in for either our in-house or mobile car detailing in Melbourne service.

We guarantee you will not be disappointed. So, go on, give us a chance, telephonically call or electronically contact us via our website for a FREE quotation and/or any further details you might still require on mobile car detailing in Melbourne.

We are waiting for you to get in touch today. TRY Sam The Man Mobile Car Detailing in Melbourne.


  • Compressed air blow out

  • Full Interior Steam Clean  

  • Thorough vacuum.

  • Interior trim and plastic wipe down.

  • Carpets and mats taken out to be vacuumed, and spot cleaned for stains.

  • Fabric seats spot cleaned for stains.

  • Leather seats conditioned.

  • Windows cleaned.

  • A neutralising deodoriser to remove all odours.

  • Air freshener.

  • Door jambs wiped down.

  • Snow foam pre-wash to breakdown dirt, road grime and dust.

  • 2-bucket method hand wash with ph neutral shampoo.

  • Bug and tar removal.

  • Wheels cleaned thoroughly.

  • Car dried with soft, plush microfibre towel.

  • Clay bar decontamination to achieve smooth finish.

  • High quality teflon enhanced polish for longer lasting gloss and depth.

  • Windows cleaned.

  • Tyre dressing applied.

* Extractions for dog hair, sand, and spillages will incur an extra charge FROM $50 

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