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FROM $399



  • Interior seats, ceiling, steering wheel, plastics carpets and mats to be steamed.

  • All stains to be treated with an organic enzyme property biodegradable spot cleaner - no harsh chemicals.

  • Carpets and mats to be deep cleaned with equipment designed to use less energy and also omit lesser fumes (great for people suffering from asthma etc).

  • Deodorising shampoo is free of harsh chemicals, biodegradable and made from organic enzyme properties.

*No fragrances or fake deodorizers/concealments. 

The smell and finish is purely a clean car from the interior detail and our green products.

* Extractions for dog hair, sand, and spillages will incur an extra charge FROM $50 


  • Water gun has a 5 star energy rating and consumes (in the overall cleaning of a large vehicle) the same amount of water as a 2 to 3 minute shower.

  • Brake dust and wheels to be cleaned thoroughly followed by buffing.

*Tyres to be dressed with a low (matte finish) medium and or high gloss finish to  the owners discretion.


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