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  • White Cotton gloves to be worn at all times by your personal serviceman detailing the vehicle.

  • High thread count towel of the finest quality is used on the interior -  limited amount of warm water used.

  • Comprehensively vacuumed.

  • Brushes - light in weight made of natural wood - and bristles made of horsehair to be used to agitate the cloth and carpet, enabling the fibers to stand up.

*Leather is optional and can be treated and plumped using a Italian imported moisturizer in conjunction with the specifications of your drivers manual

* Extractions for dog hair, sand, and spillages will incur an extra charge FROM $50 


  • Touchless wash with a ph neutral snow cannon.

  • Allowing any dirt and contaminates to be extracted with no impact to the surface paint.

  • Hand-dried followed by buffing with a high grade microfiber towel.

  • Brake dust and wheels to be cleaned thoroughly followed by buffing.

  • Tyres to be dressed with a low (matte finish) medium, and or, high gloss finish to the owners pleasure.


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