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A car wrap might be the perfect item you need to purchase to make your car stand out in a unique way. You might want to get a custom car vinyl wrap in Melbourne to protect your vehicle, advertise your business, or boost your self-esteem. Sam the Man can provide you with the high-quality car wrap you need. Here are a few reasons to choose us over similar companies: 

Revolutionary Equipment

Contact us for your car wrap project because we use only the most advanced and revolutionary wrap equipment available. Our custom car vinyl wrap in Melbourne consists of self-healing components. The self-healing quality will perform like an extra layer of protection for your car. Our services include a broad range of items, such as decals, mirror wraps, full-car wraps, solid-colour wraps and more. One of our specialists can create a custom plan to make your car spectacular.  

A Reliable Warranty

Another reason for coming to us for your custom car wrap is that we offer warranties on our work and products. Therefore, you won't be left feeling confused if something goes wrong with your wrap. You can simply message us, and we will assist you if your wrap is covered under the warranty. Many other shops do not offer such a generous warranty. We believe in the quality of our work, which is why we can offer such promises. We're confident that you'll do well with the initial product we give you. 

Transparent Pricing

We are always transparent about our  latest pricing, unlike other establishments in the industry. We believe in being straightforward and then helping our clients make decisions that make sense for their budgets and vision. You can trust that if you schedule a consultation with us, your session will end with you having a full understanding of the process and expectations. You can then make an informed decision about whether we are the right company to provide your custom vinyl car wrap in Melbourne. We are confident that you will pick us after you speak to a specialist about the project you have in mind. 

Stellar Quality 

Finally, the quality of our work says it all. We will proudly display work that we've done in the recent past so that you can see how professional we are in our projects. You may also read consumer reviews so that you can see with your own eyes how consumers feel about the work we do for them. All of our experts are kind-natured, quick to answer questions, and eager to give our customers the best experiences they can have. We go above and beyond kindness when we speak to our potential and current clients because we believe in delivering only the highest-quality experience. 

Those are just a handful of reasons to visit us for your next custom car vinyl wrap in Melbourne. You can contact us by telephone or short form for inquiries you may have. One of our experts will speak to you about your product soon. 

Vinyl wraps are a great way to seal in your original paintwork and protect it from external elements. The Aesthetics and flexibility to change your appearance and physical characteristics are why so many are choosing this as an option.


Here at Sam The Man we offer the latest technology of Vinyl Wraps including self-healing infused materials.


We are supported by suppliers such as 3M and Avery Denison.


We offer warranties of up to 7 years, which in most cases can be the lifetime of one's car before moving forwards.

We offer

  • Full Car Wraps

  • Part Panel Wraps

  • Mirror Wraps

  • Black Outs of plastics and chrome finishes

  • Smoked lights

  • High Gloss Wraps

  • Matte Finish Wraps

  • Solid Colour Wraps

  • Printed Finishes

  • Decals

  • Carbon finishes

  • Chrome finishes


All of these services can only be completed in our showroom at 384 Barkly Street, Footscray.

*Complimentary yearly maintenance on all car wraps

A Complimentary car can be organized while we recondition your vehicle to your specifications.


Our team have a background that has seen them develop from the infancy stages of the car wrap phenomenon to now, which allows them refined knowledge and expertise when advising you on your options and applying their craft to your vehicle.


All vehicles go under a full premium detail including:


  • Paint Correction 

  • Internal Detail

  • External Decontamination

  • Luxury Detail/Pre Sale Detail

This is compulsory for all vehicles requiring Paint Protection,  Paint Protective Film Car Wrapping.

Here at Sam The Man, in order for us to maintain the quality that we are known for, we

Customise our Pricing to each vehicle.

Materials, Body of the car, condition of the paint work, effect pricing, however we always aim to be competive and give more value and quality for our guests.

Our quality has not gone unnoticed and it has seen us in 2021 detail both for Wheels Car Of The Year and Motor Magazine Performance Car Of The Year.

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