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Car wrapping or paint which is better

Updated: Jan 3, 2023

Are you looking to upgrade your vehicle's look with a shiny, flawless exterior? Car wrapping and paint are the two most common options you have in improving your car's exterior appeal. Painting is a traditional long-term customization process and is available in almost all body shops. Car wrapping is another vehicle customization trend that is fast-picking pace worldwide and is expected to grow considerably in regions like North America.

Car Wrapping

Car wrapping is the best alternative for car painting. It allows you to customize your vehicle's appearance by placing a series of vinyl decals over the surface of your car to your liking and preference. Design options for this process include a standard glossy color, matte finish, and full-on graphics treatments.

Advantages of Wrapping a Car

There are numerous advantages related to choosing vinyl wrap to meet your vehicle customization needs. Here are some of the pros and cons of wrapping a car.


Vinyl wrap is less susceptible to UV rays than paint as it is laminated, reducing fading over time. Its thickness is another factor favoring its durability because it minimizes the chances and damage degree of surface scratching and chipping. Cleaning becomes as easy as a simple wipe with soap and water.

Car wrapping or paint which is better

Fair Pricing

Car wrapping is reasonably priced, and it costs less than going for a complete paint job in some scenarios. A good example is with race cars whose appearance frequently changes because of switching sponsors or minor accidents. Car wrapping will allow you to make changes to the small section, at a lower price than painting, and without interfering with other paint areas.


The process involved in wrapping a car takes not more than a few days and is one of the main reasons why wrapping is the best alternative for car painting. The design selection process takes longer than the actual vinyl wrapping, and it results in an ideal model if you are in a rush.


Car wraps give you a wide variety of colors, designs, and finishes you can use to modify your vehicle. You can pick any color and integrate it with either a matte, gloss, or satin finish to complete your ideal configuration. Another good thing about vinyl is that it can be manufactured to look like other materials like chrome, leather, carbon fiber, or stainless steel.

Digital Designs

Using car wraps for your vehicle customization needs means you can change your car's appearance to anything you wish. One of the process's most notable features is that you can virtually print anything to act as your car's exterior surface.

Disadvantages of Wrapping a Car

It's Temporary

Car wrapping is more of a short-term solution to customization. The vinyl wrap is susceptible to fading and losing its overall finish as it undergoes more damage. Once the protective element of the wrap is lost, your paintwork will face direct exposure to further damaging by adverse factors.

What is Better Paint or Vinyl Wrap

Deciding on what is better paint and vinyl wrap significantly depends on numerous factors. This section aims at informing you on which conditions make it best to use either of the two-vehicle customization options.

When to Choose Vinyl Wrap

Vinyl wrapping is the best option if your vehicle already has a good paint job. The wrapping will help protect the paint job, ensuring you get value for money in future resales. You can also make use of this process if you want fancy designs for purposes like advertising. It is the best option because it is cheaper and saves time more than custom painting the designs.

If you are short on time, then car wrapping is the ideal option for your customization needs. The process involved takes less than a week, and you can change the designs as frequently as you wish. In areas with harsh elements, wrapping a car will guarantee extra durability for your vehicle's exterior.

When to Choose Painting

You should consider painting if your current paint job is severely damaged and wish to restore it to its factory condition. The lack of vinyl wrapping professionals within your locality is also a valid reason you should select the vehicle painting process to customize your car.

Car wrapping proves to be the best alternative for car painting is a better option in regards to vehicle customization. Not only does it protect your vehicle's paint job, but it also gives you endless designs to modify the exterior of your car. Contact Sam The Man as you make your choice between car wrapping and painting for professional input.

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