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Is graphene coating better than ceramic coating?

Updated: Jan 3, 2023

Graphene coating for vehicles is a new technology, but ceramic has been tried and true for decades; so, which one is better, and what is the Difference between graphene coating and ceramic coating'?

Our vehicles are our babies, and we always want them in excellent condition so they last longer and are visually appealing. We spend money on routine maintenance, new parts, tires, etc., and it is only natural to want to make sure the car is sealed well to prevent any paint chipping.

What is Graphene Coating?

Graphene coating is a technology established in 2004 and has since then, grown in popularity with some automotive detailers. Graphene coating is a carbon based material that claims to have protection on your vehicle for up to ten years. With that being said; it is also more expensive than other counterparts.

What is ceramic coating?

Ceramic coating has been tried and true by many detailers. The reasoning is that ceramic coating is made out of a component called silicone dioxide. Silicone dioxide allows the coating to bond to the paint on your car, the wheels, glass windows, and the plastic trim on your car at a molecular level. This means that this coating automatically fills small holes with a highly glossed coating on your paint.

The Benefits of Graphene Coating

Again, graphene coating is a new technology that clearly has its advantages based on the rise in popularity. There are quite a few benefits to the graphene coating, one being that the material is highly flexible which makes chipping and cracking nonexistent on the coating. There are also anti-static capabilities within the coating which means less dust on your car. This is awesome for any dark colored cars which tend to show everything.

Graphene coatings do have solid qualities over ceramic coatings that are proven as well. These include that pesky water spots are no longer visible, and much easier to apply to all vehicles.

The final great quality is that the above qualities are long-lasting. We are not talking about a few months, but a whopping five to ten years! So, while this may be more costly than other options, the benefits are astounding and well worth the price.

The Disadvantages of Graphene Coating

graphene coating better than ceramic coating

The disadvantages of graphene coatings are slim to none. While possible, it is highly uncommon for you to be on the receiving end of a jagged edge. Meaning, if a section of the coating lifts (highly unlikely) and you get punctured by it, you will be introduced to toxic chemicals.

Graphene is a proven conductor of electricity. This means that if you are driving in a thunderstorm with lighting, your car will conduct the electricity. With that being said, this again, is highly unlikely. It is also proven that cars are less likely to be hit in a lightning storm due to the rubber tires on the ground.

With this being said, the disadvantages of graphene coating are not noticeable and are all unlikely circumstances.

The Benefits of Ceramic Coating

While graphene coating does have advantages, so doesn’t ceramic coatings. Ceramic coatings offer protection against harmful UV rays that can result in fading on the vehicle paint job, and protection from chemical stains which can be caused by chemicals in a car mechanic shop.

Ceramic coating offers a gloss on your vehicle as well. Last but not least, ceramic coating is available for any price range. You can get better quality for a higher price (for a professional detailer), or a bottle of spray coating such as Turtle Wax right at an auto shop and do it yourself.

The Disadvantages of Ceramic Coating

There is not a long list of advantages when it comes to ceramic coating. Even though ceramic coating has been around forever, there are still some very clear disadvantages. Ceramic coating does not prevent any scratches or normal wear on your car and more so acts like more paint on the vehicle. Protection from water spotting is also not included in ceramic coatings. This can be pesky, especially if you are in an area with tons of rain like Washington.

Graphene vs Ceramic Coatings which is better?

Now that you know the Difference between graphene coating and ceramic coating' you can make an informed decision on which one to use for your vehicle. While ceramic coatings may have been around forever, graphene coatings have many more advantages and less disadvantages than the ceramic counterpart.

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