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What are the Benefits of Car Detailing?

Updated: Mar 19, 2022

You’ve probably heard of the phrase “car detailing” at least once in your life as a car owner, even if you may not necessarily know all that much about cars themselves. But what is it exactly and what are the benefits of car detailing?

Benefits of Car Detailing

Before diving into this topic, it’s important to first understand what this process entails. Here’s a quick overview of everything you should know about car detailing and its benefits, so you can better appreciate the added value it brings to your vehicle.

What’s Included in Car Detailing

Car detailing refers to the general, thorough cleaning of a vehicle. This includes getting both interiors and exteriors washed, wheels and under chassis are soaped and cleaned, upholstery is shampooed, surfaces are wiped down, etcetera.

There are various methods to wash a car in detailing, which directly impacts the cost of the service. Some use special equipment to automate the task, which also affects how soon you can get your car back. The type of machine polishers used also matter in the quality and speed of the work done.

When it comes to the interior, there’s the matter of ensuring that the cleaning materials used are suited for materials in the car. Leather items, such as upholstery and surface details, for example, need a leather-friendly polisher, otherwise it will be ruined.

Why Your Car Needs Detailing

As to why your car needs detailing, the foremost answer is simple: you need to keep your car clean and well-maintained not only to keep it looking good but also to keep it running smooth.

Car detailing is a great way to make sure that your car is in tip-top shape. Any damages that you may not have noticed could be brought to the surface, thus letting you address the issue at the soonest possible instance. Apart from that, here are a few more benefits of exterior car detailing, as well as in the interior.

Eliminate Contaminants

Surface contaminants are not always noticeable, but they can remain on your car even after a good wash and clean. In the car detailing process, a clay bar is typically used to take off any remaining substances on the surface of the car, such as tree sap and tar.

Without this follow-up step, these elements could break down into the car’s protective coat, eventually leading to corrosion of the material and, thus, further damage. Needless to say, this means more expenses for you in the future. This could be easily avoided, though, with car detailing.

Improve Its Resale Value

People typically change cars every five to ten years. Reasons vary, ranging from simply replacing a worn out vehicle to upgrading to a better model, or downgrading to a lesser model for more affordable upkeep.

Regardless of the reasons for changing up the car, what’s important to note is that selling your present car is a good way to augment your finances for the purchase of a new one. Before you can even enjoy that fact, however, you should first be able to sell your car at a good value.

The older the car is, however, the lower its retail value becomes. In fact, it’s a widely known fact that your car starts depreciating in value the moment you take it out of the car sale lot--no matter how expensive it may be.

If you keep your car looking good and well-maintained, however, you improve the chances of successfully setting the price at a higher retail value compared to any other previously owned car that does not look as good.

And this is why it’s very important that your car gets the detailing it needs to keep it looking and feeling fresh. This is one of the biggest Benefits of exterior car detailing, and any improvements or modifications you’ve done on the car is only an added bonus.

Boost Your Own Confidence

The physical state of your car is not only a reflection on you as the owner, but also impacts your own image. You can actually arrive in style, even without an overwhelmingly expensive car--it just has to look it.

The easiest way to do that is to keep your car clean, newly washed, and waxed to that perfect shine. The confidence you have on your car’s presentability will also affect your own confidence as you go to face other people.

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Aly Hassett
Aly Hassett
Apr 25, 2021

its a good idea to keep your car clean an tidy so that it doesnt rot

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