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What are different stages for car washing

Updated: Feb 9, 2022

What are Different Stages for Car Washing?

The first thing you want to do is look at the different Procedure of professional car washing and see what all things include in car wash. When cleaning the exterior of your vehicle, or it is sometimes called detailing your vehicle.

Prepare the Car for Washing

You need to clean it thoroughly so you can remove all the dirt, grime, oil, or any type of debris that your car may have picked up on the highway or even the driveway. There are different Procedure of professional car washing. Once you remove all the debris from the car, you can decide which type of professional car washing you want to have done.

Many people do not understand why it is so important to clean a car before washing it. If you leave dirt on the paint and rub a sponge across it, you can very easily scratch the car. It may be a small scratch, but it lowers the value of your car. This is why you only want to clean your car with plain water.

Cleaning Supplies

The next step is to wash the vehicle. There are numerous products on the market that all make some sort of claim to make your car look spectacular if you wash it with their product and maybe some of them do. However, most products can damage your paint job, one way or another.

Cars should be washed with soap and water- dish soap words great a few squirts in a bucket of lukewarm water. Dish soap is recommended because it is gentle and pretty much chemical-free. After all, you are washing dishes you eat off your utensils you put in your mouth, so you must know it’s safe.

You will also want a plain hand-washing mitt/glove and a shammy and, of course, a hose. Other supplies you will want are glass cleaner, wax, sealant, tire brush, and tire cleaner.

You may also want a paint protector which can come in the form of a bar of clay soap. You rub the soap on the finished off car, then use your dish soap and mix to clean. Now, that you can see there are different Procedure of professional car washing, it should set your mind at ease that you’re doing it the best way possible.

Start Washing the Vehicle

Yes, I realize this should not be as complicated as it seems this far. It really isn’t but there is a good amount of thought and preparation that needs to be put in the process because there are different Procedure of professional car washing.

Washing the Vehicle

When you wash your car, start at the top and wash the entire roof and rinse, then wash one side and rinse the other side and rinse, then the front rinse and back and rinse. The constant wash and rinse for each section of the car will help prevent any spots from forming.

Then you should wash the entire car (no wash and rinse sections) and then rinse all at once. If your car is very dirty from mudding or a storm that blows through, you may need to wash it again.


Part of washing your car could be washing your tires if you did not rinse and wash them. Now is the time. Just use the dish soap and wash it well. Use a brush if you have one. Scrub the inner area until it is nice and clean and shiny looking. If you are going to use a product to help them shine, follow the directions and be careful to only get it in the right part.


Now, it’s time to make the car shine. Use the best wax you can afford and a clean application to apply the wax. Be sure to get all the car. When you're done, step back and take a walk around it to make sure you didn’t miss any spots.


You can use a window cleaner and a paper towel or a winder squeegee if you have one. The window squeegee will help prevent streaks. If your windows are really dirty, go ahead and clean them once using a paper towel, then spray the cleaner again and use the squeegee to do this for all your windows. You can even do the inside of the windshields and windows too, to help with better vision.

Car Washing Tips

  • Don’t wash your vehicle in the direct sunlight – wash it when the sun goes down, on a cloudy day, or under a shady area.

  • Never use the same sponges, mitts, shammy, microfiber towels, brush, or anything else for different areas of the car, especially when they have car cleaning products on them. This could easily and quickly ruin your nice car wash.

Washing your vehicle doesn’t have to be an unpleasant chore, just do a little research first if you need to and all should go well.

What are different stages for car washing

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