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The benefits of using a mobile panel beater in Melbourne

Most people think of panel beaters as the guys who fix cars that have been in accidents. They see them as a necessary evil, someone you have to go to when your car is damaged but you don't want to take it to a mechanic.

But what most people don't know is that panel beaters can do a lot more than just fix scratches and stone chips. They can also repair and even hide minor dents. So if you're looking for mobile panel beating services in Melbourne, Let's learn more about what a panel beater does.

What is the difference between a panel beater and a mechanic?

The main difference between a panel beater and a mechanic is that a panel beater focuses on the exterior of the car, while a mechanic focuses on the engine and other mechanical parts of auto repair. So panel beaters are specialised to work on the body of the car.

What can a panel beater do?

A mobile panel beater in Melbourne can do a lot of things. As we said before, they provide scratch repair and fixing stone chips. smash repair, and bumper repairs, But they can also do dent repair from Small dents to major ones.

Some scratches can be fixed with a simple buffing. Others may require more work, such as sanding and repainting. However, painting is not always needed.

Paintless dent repair

Paintless dent repair is a popular service that mobile panel beaters offer. This is a process of gently pushing the dent out from the inside without damaging the paintwork.

Traditional repair

Paintless dent removal is not the traditional dent repair but The old method that panel beaters use for dent repair is 'panel beating'. This is where they use special tools to gently push the dent back into shape. This is a very effective method for small to medium-sized dents. For bigger dents, they may need to use a heavier-duty method, such as welding.


Welding is a more invasive method and should only be done by a qualified panel beater. It involves using a welding torch to heat up the metal and then using a hammer to reshape it. This method is usually only used for bigger dents, as it can be quite damaging to the paintwork.

So this method generally requires repaint and won't be a paintless dent removal.

How do panel beaters fix scratches?

Most scratches can be easily fixed by a panel beater. They will start by assessing the depth of the scratch. If it's just a surface scratch, they will be able to buff it out. If the scratch is deeper, they may need to sand it down and repaint it.

For very deep or long scratches, they may need to use a welding torch to heat up the metal and then hammer it back into place. This is a more invasive method and should only be done by a qualified panel beater.

So some scratches only require a simple buffing, while others may need more work, such as sanding and repainting service.

Can aluminium be panel beaten?

Yes, aluminium can be panel beaten. In fact, many modern cars are made with aluminium panels. The only vehicles made of non-alumiunium are some high-end luxury cars. Those cars are usually made with steel or carbon fiber. Such as Rolls-Royce, Bentley, and Lamborghini.

How do you hide stone chips on a car?

There are a few ways to hide stone chips on your car. The first is to use a touch-up pen. This is a pen that comes with a small brush attached to the lid. The brush is dipped in paint that matches your car's colour and then used to fill in the chip.

The second way is to use a spray-on paint. This is a can of paint that matches your car's colour. You simply spray it on the chip and then buff it out.

The third way is to use a clear nail polish. This is applied over the top of the chip and then buffed out. this could be cost effective way of getting the job done in your own garage.

Which method you use will depend on the size of the chip and the colour of your car. If the chip is small and the colour of your car is light, you may be able to get away with using a touch-up pen.

But if the chip is bigger or the colour of your car is dark, you will probably need to use a spray-on paint or clear nail polish.

No matter which method you use, it's important to buff out the area around the chip so that it blends in with the rest of the paintwork.

How much do panel beaters charge per hour Australia?

The average cost of panel beating services in Australia is $90 per hour. However, prices can vary depending on the type of service you need and the size of the job.

For example, a simple buffing job may only cost around $50, while a more complex sanding and repainting job may cost around $200.

The complete panel beating job for major accidents or structural damages can cost $1000 and more. So it really depends on the type of job you need the how much the expert panel beaters charge!

Mobile panel shop Melbourne

Many panels beaters offer the convenient option of mobile services, which means they will come to you. This is often more convenient as you don't have to take your car to them.

Mobile panel beaters in Melbourne usually charge a bit more than those who have a shopfront. Because they offer the convenience of travelling to you. Paintless dent repairs could take a few hours. if there is a greater damage to the whole panel the dent repairs could take longer to be completed.

The average cost of mobile panel beating services in Melbourne is $110 per hour. Again, prices can vary depending on the type of service you need and the size of the job in Melbourne.

Mobile detailer- Sam the man

At Sam the man car care in Footscray Melbourne, our team offer a wide range of quality car care services on site and mobile such as; car smash repairs, bumper repair, minor repairs, spray painting, scratch repair, wrapping, full car detailing, etc.

You won't have to spend the entire day repairing your car but we could get it done in one hour. our team can arrange a techincian to come to your home or businesses for repairing service.

Contact our experienced team for a free quote for mobile panel repairs or any car detailing service.

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