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Steam Car Wash Services

Updated: Jan 3, 2023

There are a number of ways to clean your vehicle both inside and out. However, if you want to make sure that your vehicle is completely cleaned, then you should consider having your vehicle steam cleaned. Why steam cleaning? Well, steam cleaning provides a number of benefits that you won't find with other conventional cleaning methods. At Sam the Man Cleaning Services, we provide the best steam car wash services in the Victoria area and know a lot about steam cleaning's many benefits. Here's why you should have your vehicle steam cleaned from now on.

Steam cleaning benefits for the exterior of your car

You want the exterior of your vehicle to look great. However, steam cleaning goes beyond the surface to provide the type of complete cleaning that your car may have never experienced before. Here's a look at the main exterior cleaning benefits:

  • Removes dirt from the surface - With steam cleaning, your car not only looks great, but it also eliminates the dirt that could adversely affect your vehicle's paint job. That is not always the case when it comes to conventional cleaning methods. Steam cleaning will actually lift the dirt from the surface, so it can be easily removed.

  • No toxic residue - Some cleaning methods may leave a toxic residue that can hurt the surface of your vehicle over time. With steam cleaning, you are only using heat and water. That means that the surface of your car has a toxic-free cleaning experience. Over the long run, this is going to make a big difference in your vehicle's appearance.

  • Clean windows without streaking - Do you ever get annoyed with steaks on your vehicle's windows after they are cleaned? You don't have to worry about that with steam cleaning. You don't have sponges or rags interaction with the surface like a conventional wash. That means that your vehicle's windows are cleaned with the usual streaking.

  • Completely cleans wheels - Pressure washing can only do so much to clean wheels. With steam cleaning, your vehicle's wheels will get rid of the most stubborn dirt and debris. That includes brake dust.

Steam cleaning benefits for the interior of your car

Did you know that steam cleaning can do wonders for the interior of your vehicle as well? Here's a look at the benefits of steam car washing the interior of your vehicle:

  • Eliminates odors - No matter what type of typical odors that you have in your vehicle, a good steam cleaning will take care of that. From pet odors to that discarded sandwich that found its way under the front passenger car seat, a good steam cleaning will get rid of those offensive smells.

  • Cleans hard-to-reach areas - There are a number of hard-to-reach areas that most vacuums will not be able to completely clean on a car's interior. Steam cleaning will be able to reach those previously impenetrable areas and make your car's interior more immaculate than ever.

  • Leave surfaces dry right after cleaning - You don't have to worry about a wet car interior after your vehicle has been steam cleaned. The method of interior cleaning will leave your vehicle's interior dry almost immediately after cleaning.

  • Deep cleans fabrics - Chances are that your carpeted foot wells have lots of dirt and debris that hasn't been properly removed with vacuuming. Steam cleaning will take care of the most challenging fabrics in your vehicle.

How long does it take to steam clean a vehicle?

An exterior and interior steam cleaning of a vehicle doesn't take longer than conventional cleaning methods. For a mid-sized vehicle, a professional car washer should be able to complete an exterior and interior steam cleaning in less than an hour.

How much water does steam cleaning use?

Steam cleaning a car actually uses less water than pressure washing your vehicle. In fact, a typical exterior and interior steam cleaning will use less than two gallons of water.

Sam the Man Mobile Car Wash offers steam cleaning services for vehicles in the Footscary, VIC area. We provide one of the best steam car wash services in the area. Our state-of-the-art steam cleaning equipment provides your car with top exterior and interior cleaning. If you have never had your vehicle steam cleaned before, you owe it to your vehicle to see how clean your car can be. Contact us today to schedule a professional steam cleaning for your vehicle. We look forward to making Sam the Man Mobile Car Wash your "go-to" team for your vehicle.

Steam Car Wash Services

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