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How To Keep Your Car Battery Healthy

Updated: Mar 19, 2022

Most people do not give their car battery much thought as it is out of sight and, therefore, out of mind. However, like the other parts of the car, the battery needs to be taken care of to function effectively. Portable DVD players, car chargers, extended periods of non-usage, and frequent short trips are just some of the ways the health of your car battery is affected. Car battery maintenance care will ensure you save cash and time eventually. Discussed below are a few ways to keep your car battery healthy.

Take The Car for Longer Drives for the Battery to Charge

Short journeys are not only bad for the environment, but they also put some stress on your car battery. When the car does not run for a long time, then the battery will not get the chance to recharge. You, therefore, find that if you have a habit of doing short journeys a lot, then your car battery is at risk of being undercharged. To prevent this, take your car for at least a 30-minute spin now and then, allowing it to charge the battery fully. This will help balance out the shorter journeys.

Check Whether the Car Battery Needs to Be Changed

How To Keep Your Car Battery Healthy

If the car battery has been acting up lately, you might want to start looking for a new car battery. Also, if it is approaching its 5th birthday, then begin shopping for another one. Since the winter season is the hardest on the car battery, get your battery sorted earlier.

Let it Run for About 15 min Once a Week if You are Not Driving

To keep the battery healthy, it is advisable to start the car up at least once a week and let it run for 15 minutes in a properly ventilated room. Never leave the car engine running in an enclosed space as this can lead to harmful gases like carbon monoxide building up. Also, do not leave the car unattended if the engine is running. You never know whether an opportunist is around and they steal the vehicle. You would rather wait as the battery charges for 15 minutes.

Switch Off all the Electronics when You Park

Power adapters and car chargers help power the GPS unit and charge your phone. When the engine is running, and you are using these devices, it is not a problem since the battery is charging as well. The issue comes up when you switch off the car and continue listening to the radio or charging your phone. Therefore, make sure all entertainment systems, heaters, wipers, and lights are fully off. Most of the time, most people forget to switch off the interior lights when they go to sleep, only to wake up in the morning with a flat battery. Do not forget this when leaving the car.

Ensure The Battery is Tightly Fastened In Place

A wobbly battery lessens its lifespan, and so it is advisable to make sure the battery is secured in place with a suitable battery clamp. Vibrations can easily damage the inside of your car battery by creating short circuits, which are not good for the battery’s life. On the other hand, a battery clamp that is overtightened can also spoil the battery. Therefore, during routine car battery maintenance care at the mechanic, ask them to ensure it is firmly secured.

When Starting the Car, Press the Clutch Pedal

By doing this, you will be taking some pressure off the starter motor plus the battery. It also helps reduce battery wear and tear. Practicing this will often turn this into a habit that saves your battery life.

Park the Car in a Sheltered Place

Consider parking your car in a sheltered place, especially when the outside temperature is not ideal. During winter, the vehicle has to work harder than usual to start the engine. During summer, the extreme heat can also be bad for the batteries as well. If you can, store the car in the garage or a dry place where it is protected from harsh elements.

Routine car battery maintenance care will not only extend its lifespan but ensure that your car runs smoothly. Also, car batteries are different, and without a mechanic examining them, it may be hard to identify the exact problem. For more tips, contact Sam The Man Mobile Car Wash and get advice from professionals.

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