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How to Cut and Polish a Black Car

Updated: Mar 19, 2022

It can be hard to maintain a black car as it needs polishing and waxing regularly. However, with the right tools, your vehicle will be restored to its shiny appearance.

Polish a Black Car

Scratch marks on black cars are conspicuous, which removes appeal when your car has many scratches.

Why Is The Process Necessary?

Regular washing, daily use, maintenance, and general wear and tear can all lead to a few scratches here and there, making your car look weathered. A cut and polish is a great way to remove the damage and wear, restoring your vehicle to its original appearance. With time, your car's paint gets stained, oxidized, and contaminated. This can quicken the deterioration process of your car or even make it hard to wash. If you simply apply a coating, sealant, or wax to the damaged paint, it will not last long. You, therefore, have to find ways of how to cut and polish your car before applying paint. When polishing, a small amount of the existing paint is removed. Therefore, a cut and polish should be done when necessary and with care.

For great results, this process will be both time and labor-intensive. So you may want to consider hiring a professional who knows how to cut and polish cars. They have the skills, the right products, equipment, polishes, and machines for the job. Another alternative is doing the work at home using hand pads. Note that this will take time compared to using a machine polisher that consistently produces good results.

How To Cut and polish Your Car

Here are the steps to follow.

Wash Your Car

Always pack your car in a shaded place before washing for an easy time. Get quality microfiber cloth, car shampoo, and car wash mitts for washing and drying the vehicle. If you lack a garden hose, you can use two buckets. One will have the washing solution, and the other one will have clean water for rinsing. Start washing the car from top to bottom, not forgetting the wheels. After washing, dry with the microfiber cloth.

Pre-Clean the Car

Pre-cleaning involves removing the oxidation and blemishes on the black paint. Apply your cleaner on the microfiber cloth, then work the cleaner on the paint surface a section at a time. Start from the top surface, go down. Where there are deeper scratches and swirls, you may have to apply more product. Once you have cleaned the paint, immediately follow with the polishing. It helps remove any compound scratches for better results.


Get a clean microfiber cloth, apply a small amount of polish, and start working on the car. Note that the color and hardness of your car's paint determine the polishing compounds and pad used. Since this is a black car, it would be best to use a softer compound and pad. Ensure you apply the polish evenly, but for blemished areas, you may have to apply additional polish. At this point, you will start noticing the smooth and shiny appearance your car is getting.


Waxing is the last step after polishing. It will give the black paint a lasting shine and protect it from water and bird poo stains.

Tips to Keep in Mind

It is necessary that during the process of cutting and polishing, you stay as consistent as possible, working in the same size areas and using the same technique. Also, since the pads can get overloaded with residue quickly when polishing, clean them frequently for better results. Have multiple pads so that as one dries, you have another one to continue with the job.

Another tip to keep in mind on how to cut and polish your car is to pay special attention to the panel edges and creases. These are sensitive and risky areas, and they do not need a lot of time or aggression when correcting damage. If you wash your car often, using the correct car washing techniques, a cut and polish job can last for a long time.

The above guide can help you when researching how to cut and polish your car. This process will extend the beauty and shine of your vehicle. You can also reach out to Sam The Man Mobile Car Wash for assistance in this process. We will help ensure your car looks shiny and appealing.

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