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How forensic car detailing works

Updated: Feb 9, 2022

Did you know that your vehicle can be home to a frightening amount of bacteria that can harm you and your family? Even if you vacuum and clean the interior of your vehicle meretriciously, it may not be completely clean. That's why you need to get forensic car interior detailing for your vehicle. So you may be wondering, What is forensic car interior detailing? This is process where your vehicle is not just cleaned, it is sanitized to improve the overall environment of your vehicle's interior.

Top forensic car interior detailing from Sam the Man!

When you want to make the interior of your vehicle cleaner and more sanitized than ever, the see what Sam the Man Car Wash and Detailing can offer. For years, Sam the Man has been the choice for Melbourne drivers. We have a number of services available including a top forensic car interior detailing service. We can make the interior of your vehicle safer for you and your family at an affordable price.

forensic car detailing works

What is forensic car interior detailing and why do I need it?

It would surprise you to know that many people contract the cold or flu through contact inside a vehicle. With forensic car interior detailing, your vehicle is sanitized using special EPA approved cleaning agents. Through a special three-step process, your vehicle interior is sanitized to reduce as many harmful bacteria as possible. During the flu season, you will find Sam the Man's unique service a big value.

Different steps of forensic car detailing

Sam the Man uses a unique three step forensic car detailing approach to ensure top sanitization of your vehicle. This three step allows our team to clean and sanitize your vehicle to the fullest. Here's a look at the steps that we take during the forensic car detailing process:

  • We used compressed air to blow out and remove all the harmful dust from the carpet as well as the fabric and those hard to reach places. You would be surprised at what could be stuck in your vehicle for months or even years at a time!

  • Our team will steam every part of the interior surface. That includes the roof lining, seat belts door jams, and more. Our forensic detailing team overlooks nothing!

  • We rejuvenate the interior trim with a special UV protectant and plastic wipe down. You have the choice of a Matte or a Gloss finish. Your vehicle will not only be sanitized, it will also look amazing on the inside.

  • Whether you have fabric seats or leather seats, we can provide a deep cleaning that ensures that your seats are completely cleaned and sanitized up to our high standards.

  • We use EPA approved formulas and shampoo to provide your vehicle's carpets and mats with a complete cleaning. That includes spot cleaning the particularly stubborn areas. You can be sure that any stubborn bacteria will be gone forever!

  • We also provide a complete cleaning of the A/C vents to ensure that any germs or bacteria won't adversely affect the air quality of your vehicle's cabin.

  • All wind glass is also completed cleaned to ensure a meticulous interior.

  • Finally, we use a neutralising deodoriser that removes all odours. A specialised formula is also used to kill any pollutants in the air.

Situations when you need forensic car interior detailing service

There are certain situations where you need to do more than simply clean out the interior of your vehicle. Here are some special situations where you will feel more comfortable with forensic car interior detailing:

  • Pet accidents - Did your four legged friend use one of your car seats as his own personal bathroom? Then you will want to make sure that car interior receives the most complete interior detailing as possible.

  • Baby accidents - Yes, your baby can sometimes make a mess that is hard to comprehend. Don't worry. Sam the Man can handle it. We have seen it all and have cleaned it all.

  • Human accidents - Let's face it - sometimes we don't have the best of days. No matter what kind of mess that someone makes, we can provide interior forensic detailing that makes a difference.

Rely on Sam the Man for top forensic car interior detailing in Melbourne

Make your vehicle's interior look and smell better than ever. Contact Sam the Man Mobile Car Wash and Detailing. We can come to you anywhere in the Melbourne area for your forensic car detailing service. Call us at 0499 855 644 or chat with us online. Next time you ask, "What is forensic car interior detailing?" Let Sam the Man Mobile Car Wash and Detailing have the answer for you.

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