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Door Handle Revival and Dent Repair

Updated: Feb 9, 2022

Do you have a door handle or two that have seen better days? Maybe you have a few dents to the body of your car. Perhaps you just have an older car and you’re dealing with worn handles and dents, among other things.

Before calling your insurance company to have dents repaired or ordering new door handles to be installed, maybe you should talk to us here at Sam the Man Car Care.


Well, we could save you on out of pocket expenses that would go toward your insurance, which could raise your premiums. We may be able to avoid replacing parts by simply reviving them. When it comes to dents, we may be able to do targeted repairs and paint rather than replacing or respraying one or more panels.

Also, you’d be hiring professionals whose knowledge and experience can make up for your lost time and effort while restoring your car to those better days you miss faster than you could do the research and work on your own.

But what goes into door handle revival and dent repair? Let’s take a look.

Door Handle Revival

How to restore car door handles? This varies based on the type of door handles you have and the material they're finished with. If you have black plastic

Door Handle Revival and Dent Repair

that have faded over time from being in the sun often, there are solutions that can be applied to bring back the rich, shinier black the handles originally had.

For cases like this, the easiest solution is often topical treatment. But how long that will last is another story. Eventually, through continued sun exposure, another revival will probably be needed again in the future. So, you may want to invest in a car cover or park more often where the car is protected from the sun more.

Another way to revive a car door handle or handles is through treating the handles with solutions that are absorbed by the plastic and then heat treated. For work like this, you definitely would want to turn to someone with experience doing this kind of work. Don't attempt this on your own because you saw someone on the internet doing it. Heat can just as easily damage the plastic you're trying to restore.

For peeling handles, whether it's paint or clear coat on chrome, revival usually involves sanding and repainting or re-chroming. Not the hardest task, but again, trust the work to one of our experienced professionals.

Dent Repair

Dent repair isn't complicated either. What it does require is experience and a lot of patience. But there are ways to repair dents, both on metal and plastic, that can minimize re-painting, or even be paintless, depending on the dent and damage the surrounding paint.

The goal with dent repair is to keep the repair work targeted at the dent and avoid replacing panels, bumpers, fenders, etc, whenever possible. That saves time and saves you a lot of money.

If the damage can be repaired but does require repainting, all efforts should be made to, again, minimize the scope of new paint and color-matching as close as possible to the original paint. This is where our skilled technicians, well-versed in Painless Dent Repair, are crucial.

Why painless? Because the less pain you experience as a customer, the more you know your best interests are being taken into account without trying to break the bank.


In the end, you could turn to your insurance company for dent repair, assuming you don’t have to pay too much out of pocket or inadvertently increase your premiums. You could also attempt to do the dent repairs or door handle revivals yourself.

But to get the job done right with first time quality and backed by pride in craft (and probably some warranty language), maybe you should trust in our professionals who bring their experience and can affect the repairs your car needs.

And along the way, you’ll probably pick up enough knowledge to try similar work on your own in the future. Or at least find trust in professionals you can come back to in the future or refer friends and family to who may be dealing with similar issues.

Have door handle or dent issues? Call us today or speak to us onsite. We're ready to help.

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