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Car paint care during summer

Updated: Jan 3, 2023

Car paint care during summer

Did you know that the summer can be one of the most damaging times for your vehicle's paint? Without taking the right precautions today, your vehicle can be left with cracked and peeling paint that could cost you in paint repair work. Also, who wants to drive around in a vehicle with damaged paint? The good news is that there are a number of simple steps that you can take to protect your vehicle's paint. Here's a look at how your can protect your vehicle's paint this summer.

How bad is summer heat for car paint

Chances are, you may not be fully aware of the damage that the summer heat can do to your paint. It really comes down to the chemical reactions that occur when intense heat hits your vehicle's paint. The sun produces ultraviolet or UV rays which stimulates the surface of a vehicle. This causes a molecular reaction which creates a dulling effect on the vehicle's paintwork.

If you happen to drive a vehicle with red paint, then your vehicle is especially vulnerable to the effect of UV rays. That's why it is important to take precautions before the hot summer weather arrives. This can prevent your vehicle's paint from dulling, peeling and cracking. So how bad is summer heat for car paint? Enough that it's important to take action right away!

How to protect car paint from the sun

There are a number of simple steps that you can take to protect your vehicle from the effects of UV rays during the summer. Here's a look at how you can effectively protect your vehicle's paint this summer:

1). Wash your car

The first step is to wash your car. By washing your vehicle, you can decrease the oxidation and the heat effects that the sun can have on the exterior of your vehicle.

You should make sure that you wash your vehicle in an area that can provide your vehicle with proper shade. Get started by spraying down your vehicle completely.

From there, use a dry cloth in order to get all the dust off of the vehicle. After the vehicle has been completely cleaned, look for any stubborn stains such as bird droppings. Be sure to use a gentle cleaner to remove those stubborn stains from your vehicle.

Afterward, use soap and a gentle sponge to wash the vehicle completely. When you are done soaping up the vehicle, be sure to hose it down completely with water.

2). Hand dry your car

After you have washed the vehicle, it is important that you hand dry the vehicle's exterior. This will ensure that you do not do any damage to the vehicle's paint.

When hand drying the vehicle, be sure to use a soft cloth. Also, make sure that you also dry your vehicle away from the sun. This will help further protect the paint for any more damage.

3). Apply wax

After you have washed and hand dry the vehicle, it is time to apply the wax. There are a number of different types of car waxes to choose from:

  • Liquid Wax

  • Spray Wax

  • Paste Wax

The exact type of wax used is not that important. The critical thing here is to make sure that you apply a thick coating for your vehicle. The wax is going to act as a protective layer than will prevent the UV rays from causing major damage to your vehicle's paint.

4). Cover your vehicle

After you have washed, dried and waxed your vehicle, you should take every precaution to keep it away from the sun. If you can park in a garage or in shade, then be sure to do so. If you can not find a shaded or protected area to park your vehicle, then use a car cover. This will help keep your vehicle's paint in top shape and further protect your vehicle.

How long should your car paint last?

Factory car paint is designed to last ten years. Therefore, you should not have to have your vehicle's car paint repaired for a long time. If you take the right precautions, then your car paint should stand the test of time.

Let Same The Man Mobile Car Wash protect your car's paint for the summer

How bad is summer heat for car paint? Not that bad if your vehicle's paint has the right protection! At Same The Man Mobile Car Wash, we can provide full car wash services that includes a hand wash along with hand drying and waxing services. Keep your vehicle's paint for the summer. Contact Sam the Man Mobile Car Wash today.

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