Paint Correction 

Paint corrections can be a catalyst to how your car stands out.


Gloss retention, (the shine of your car ) is impacted by the imperfections of the paintwork, contaminants and the number of different angles embedded in your top layer or coating, are what stops your car from having a glassy finish.


Orange peel is a term used to describe another imperfection that affects the gloss on your car, which can look just like the name describes. Sometimes to the touch, you can feel the inconsistency of this texture.


Some of the corrections we specialize in are


  • Orange peel reduction

  • Resprayed Car Corrections

  • Deep Scratch Removals

  • Wetsanding

  • Brand New Car Gloss Retention Enhancements

  • Showroom finishes

  • Car Shows 

  • Exotic Imported Car Corrections 


Below is a video of a 2021 VW Tiguan, where the gloss retention was measured (72 to out of a possible 96.6) straight out of the dealership.

Before we applied Avery Dennison PPF and Graphene Oxide Paint Protection, we were able to achieve an almost perfect score of 95.5 out of 96.6. This is the art of a sophisticated paint correction.


We use a gloss meter in house at our showroom and can show you the before and afters, which is an enjoyable exercise for the car enthusiasts.


Another tool that we use is a paint gauge thickness meter, and a detailed report is also sent to you after the completion of your correction.


The paint thickness gauge allows us to also see if there have been any previous panel damage, fillers under your paintwork and also respray work conducted.


Sam has a plethora of knowledge passed down to him by mentors who worked for both Lotus and Rolls Royce with over 50+ years in the auto sector. This along with experience in painting, allows Sam and his team to explain things to you a lot easier about what’s going on on the surface of your paint, but also producing results that is by the highest standards, exceptional workmanship.




We do not charge per hour, per stage, or measure the correction on a percentage of reduction in imperfections.


How we measure the budget and correction is different for every car that comes in, Sam loves having people in to discuss their budget and vision for their car, and the areas that are most important to them.


Expect a whole day correcting your car to be from $1200 with some corrections taking over 60 hours of workmanship under professional lighting in our showroom 


We do not use any silicones, fillers, petroleums in any of our corrections.

What you see is what you get, the results are permanent.

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